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The innovation of this cornet is essentially based on the study with subtle and adequate ventilation that permanently maintain a crisp product, thus tastier. The integrated sauce cup provides comfort and ease of tasting.


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Thomas Broeckaert – Sales Manager

“… Frankly, it is very convenient. It is true that we do not get a soft fried in the middle of the package thanks to air holes. From a hygienic point of view, it’s also a plus, as we no longer have dirty or greasy finfers as with traditional package…”

T5-resto and FF series (top)

Cornets range “T5 Resto”, “FF5”, “FF4” and “FF3” have the particularity to offer a traditional taste but can also be placed on a table and be easily open. No more cornet holder required !

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Let you known, try your own :Customization(top)

You can customize cornets with your own coluors and logo. We print your logo, address, pictures, drawings, etc. in one or more colours, hot foil stamping, embossing, etc.

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The paper used for this cornet is a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labelled product, which assures consumers that it comes from sustainably managed forests.
The used paper is a “food” paper with a full traceability and a fat protection layer that covers the inner surface of the cornet prevents any piercing of the packaging.
The unique sauce compartment avoid you the usage of any polluting plastic cups ou buckets.


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Frédéric Seront – Journalist

“…It is true that the cornet bottom fries are crispy and the idea of a bill for sauce is also excellent because it allows to sauce fries until the last, according to our desires…”


Corentin Pirard – Web designer

“… I’m so happy to no more get my hands dirty with the sauce. I especially appreciate this cornet because I specifically hate to put the sauce directly on the fries. I always ask it sepaately, and then… I have to struggle with my fries, my cornet and my cup of sauce…”

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